1966 MGB Tourer
The car body stripped back to bare metal

Panel preparation in progress

The car after being treated with one coat of etch primer, two coats of epoxy barrier primer and three coats of high solid primer

The car gets its first coats of tartan red paint

Work on the underside

Refurbishing the dashboard

Rechroming the quarterlights

Rebuilding the front axle

Rebuilding the rear axle

Fitting the wiring loom

Chrome trim

Preparing the engine

Progress in the engine bay

The completed engine bay

The dashboard as it would have been in 1966

At Newlands Corner near Guildford

Credit for the restoration of this lovely car goes to the following.

Jeremy at Surrey Sports and Classics for sharing my vision for this project and his advice throughout, his colleagues Phil, Steve, Bill and Chris who did the work and Gary who sourced the parts.

David James for restoring the windscreen and quarterlights.

The MG Owners Club, Moss Europe and Vehicle Wiring Products for supplying the parts.

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